Smarter Cities aim to use technology to improve services to business and communities - to create a better place to live and work. Our aim is show how local challenges could be addressed using this technology and to build the skill base that will required to put Hull amongst leading cities.


We believe LoRa is an important component of a Smart City and offers solutions to varied problems including areas such as air quality improvement and adult social services. Hull should be part of the leading wave of innovators and we intend to start a programme of activities and projects to explore the capability of LoRa. We want to bring together organisations who could benefit from the technology with those who can implement it, so we can get started - we would like your participation!




Robin Harris


Rob Miles

Our ambition

To deploy ‘smart city’ technology in Hull and East Yorkshire and to deliver new services and applications that are beneficial for residents, businesses and public sector service providers.

We believe Hull should become recognised as one of the leading UK smart cities.

We will have been successful when:

  • Hull appears in the top half of UK smart cities In external reviews

  • There is an flourishing local business sector creating jobs and wealth in the region, selling their expertise and products to other cities.

  • Residents in both Hull and East Yorkshire are actively using and deriving value from new services, applications and tools

  • There is an active forum for discussion and collaboration that includes businesses, public sector bodies, technology specialists and councils

In the next 12 months we intend to have

  • LoRa gateways covering most of the urban parts of Hull and surrounding East Yorkshire will be open for public use

  • Nodes submitting data via the network

  • Applications that use the data to deliver useful information

  • Run construction sessions where anyone can build their own node from a kit

  • Shared our vision widely in the region with businesses, public sector bodies and technology specialists

  • A sound understanding of how leading cities have kick-started their own programmes

  • A robust steering group that is providing overall direction and co-ordination for the programme

  • A list of problems that need a solution


Supporting Businesses & Organisations


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